The Mentors

Welcome Mentors and thanks for your great support! Mentors support new leaders as they practice working open and facilitating connections within the network.

Anne-Pia Marty

Anne-Pia is involved in the Biomaker challenge.

Expertise: Biology, some electronics, some computer sciences, sustainable development

Languages: English, French

Location: Paris, France

Affiliation: Center for Interdisciplinary Research (CRI)

David Bild

David is an educator in Chicago where he runs teen programs focused on urban ecology and environmental science. Teens in his program develop projects following open-science principles, use low-cost and DIY sampling methods, and create media-rich digital maps and other data visualizations that are posted on project websites.

Expertise: Science Education, Environmental Education, Secondary Education, Out-of-school time learning, Open Science

Languages: English, Spanish (Basic)

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Affiliation: Chicago Academy of Sciences/Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum

Social: @dbild

Emilio Velis

Emilio is an industrial engineer based in San Salvador, working on knowledge and technology to impact communities. He received the MIT Innovators Under 35 Award Central America for his work on open hardware for social and environmental resilience. Emilio is currently the Executive Director of the Appropedia Foundation.

Expertise: Hardware co-design, appropriate technology, documentation, and data-driven making for social impact.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese

Location: San Salvador, El Salvador

Affiliation: The Appropedia Foundation

Social: @dbsnp, personal website

Emmanuel Kellner

Emmanuel is a Co-founder of LogAir, a citizen air quality crowd-mapping project. He is a PhD student in Information services science with a focus on citizen science, crowd-sensing, data ownership and quality of life. His background sits between microtechnical & biomedical engineering, innovation and sustainability.

Expertise: Sensors, open hardware and prototyping, product & system design, design science.

Languages: English, French

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Affiliation: University of Geneva

Social: LogAir

Jeffrey Yoo Warren

Jeffrey is an artist, community scientist, illustrator, and researcher in Providence, Rhode Island. He collaboratively creates community science projects which decenter dominant culture in environmental knowledge production. Jeffrey hosts participatory projects, runs workshops and gives talks on cultural making, collaborative practice, community science, and open hardware. He is also a contributor to over 150 open source code projects, many of which he started himself.

Jeffrey is a member of AS220 Industries, a board member of the Open Source Hardware Association since 2014, and a board member of alternative education program Parts and Crafts. In 2010, he co-founded Public Lab, a community science network and non-profit dedicated to democratizing science to address environmental issues that affect people. After 10 years as Director of Research, he stepped down at the start of 2020, although I remain involved in Public Lab’s code community.

Expertise: Illustration, open hardware facilitation, documentation, and accessibility. Environmental & science hardware, community-centered collaborative design.

Languages: Spanish, English

Location: Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Affiliation: Public Lab, AS220, OSHWA

Social: IG @unterbahn, Twitter @jywarren, personal website

Jérémy Bonvoisin

Jérémy works to reduce the environmental impacts of products and to foster citizen participation in product development. He dedicates his energy to build international and interdisciplinary teams around original, socially relevant and game changing ideas, such as Open Source Product Development.

Expertise: Electrononics, Digital fabrication, Microfluidics, Open Hardware

Languages: French, English

Location: Paris, France

Affiliation: CRI Paris

Social: Twitter: @ke20, Github

Kevin Lhoste

Kevin is a researcher at CRI Paris and co-founder of the Makerlab. His main research interest is the development of frugal, open & low cost tools for health.As a teacher he is working on fostering student's motivation and creativity for real world problem solving (UN SDGs).

Expertise: sustainability in engineering design, eco-design, open source hardware

Languages: French, German, English

Location: Bath, England

Affiliation: University of Bath

Social: Twitter: @Du33Jerry, GitHub: jbon, GitLab: wonderfulpastinake, personal website

Mario García

Mario is a long time Open Source user and evangelist. A Mozillian since 2011. Mozilla Reps. Mozilla Open Leaders contributor for over a year. Speaker at tech and innovation events. Backend developer with experience in Python and Rust. GitKraken Ambassador. GitLab Hero.

Expertise: Backend development (Python & Rust), Education, DevOps, Community building, Event organization

Languages: Spanish, English

Location: Tapachula, Mexico

Affiliation: Mozilla Reps

Social: Twitter: @mariogmd, GitLab: @mattdark

Martin Häuer

Martin (people usually call him 'Moe'), is an engineer and board member of OSE Germany e.V. Currently he is coordinating the creation of the first (German) standard under an open source license: DIN SPEC 3105 (technical documentation of open source hardware incl. certification). By-products: OSH Guideline (community creates their own sub-standards) and (meta search engine for DIY & OSH). Moe believes that the concept of open source hardware (given a good structure) is able to change the way how we work, trade and live together. In a positive way 😃

Expertise: Working on the infrastructure for OSH, coordinating standardisation efforts (DIN SPEC 3105, OKH metadata standard), coordinating working groups to 1) solve legal issues and 2) discuss open source business models. He is also a mechanical engineer (focus on processing machines) and welding engineer (IWE)

Languages: German, English, Spanish, Catalan

Location: Berlin, Germany

Affiliation: OSE Germany & Fraunhofer IPK (OPEN!Next)

Maxime Zimmermann

Maxime is a neuroscientist studying retinal system in the UK. He designs experimental and educational tools for research and academic purpose. Within their lab, they are inclined towards the open source philosophy and share all their design on open hardware platforms. The ability to rapidly develop prototypes and complex equipment fitting their scientific needs is considered essential to them for a modern cutting-edge laboratory. Also making accessible the development of scientific equipment for a low cost, increase the opportunity for students to gain an earlier and more complete scientific training within education structures.

Expertise: Neuroscience, Visual system, Open Hardware, 3D Design, CNC, Arduino, Electronics, PCB design. Programming: C++, Python, Igor

Languages: English, French

Location: Brighton, UK

Affiliation: University of Sussex


Sanli is assistant professor at the Physics department of Utrecht University. He studied Physics at the Sharif University of Technology and recieved his master’s degree in Nanotechnology from University of Twente. Sanli participated in the OL7 program on the culture track with a projects on promoting the concept of commons among academics. He is also the designer and coordinator of the Utrecht Experiment Design course. A major part of the course focuses on leadership skills, documentation and reproducibility, group dynamics, and principles of working in open teams.

Expertise: Microscopy, rapid prototyping, physics, sensors, lab-automation

Languages: English, Dutch, Farsi

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Affiliation: Utrecht University

Social: @sanli