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Welcome Experts and thanks for your great support! Experts support new leaders with domain-specific knowledge as they practice working open and facilitating connections within the network.

Anne Clinio

Anne is a Brazilian researcher interested in Open Science, Open Data, specially open laboratory notebooks. She is working at Fiocruz Open Science Group.

Expertise: Information Science, Open Science, open laboratory notebook, Commons

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Affiliation: Laboratório Intersiciplinar sobre Informação e Conhecimento (Liinc)

Social: @anneclinio

Aravinth Panch

Aravinth is a Community Builder, New Media Artist and Embedded Systems Engineer with 15+ years of global experience.

He co-founded 7 Startups & Social Organisations in the sector of Education, Agriculture, Sustainability & Innovation, in Europe & Asia, and he co-curates communities in the domain of Startups, Sustainability, Education and Art, in Europe, Africa & Asia.

Expertise: Aravinth's core expertises are in the field of research & development of any hardware-software solution, thereby taking the idea from prototype to production.

Languages: English, German, Hindi, Tamil

Location: Berlin, Germany

Affiliations: DreamSpace Academy, MotionLab Berlin, Global Innovation Gathering

Social: @AravinthPanch, Personal Website

Greg Austic

Greg is the co-founder of Our Sci LLC and open technology advocate. Their mission is to create software, hardware, and provide training to support community-driven science in any domain. Right now they mostly work in ag, with OpenTEAM as our primarily collaboration. He has helped organize communities in the biodiesel (long ago), open science hardware, and open agro tech.

Expertise: Open Source business development + advocacy, hardware design (inc. 3D modeling, circuit design, arduino), software (javascript, arduino C++), community development (,

Languages: English, Romanian

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Affiliation: Our Sci LLC

Social: @GregAustic, gbathree (Github/Gitlab)

Joel Murphy

Joel is an Artist | Engineer. His background is in visual arts, kinetic sculpture and jewelry making. Joel is a self-taught electronics design engineer. He taught physical computing at Parsons Design + Tech from 2006 to 2014. Joel has extensive experience in design for manufacturing and the scale of my projects range from prototyping to mass production. He is Co-founder of World Famous Electronics, maker of the Pulse Sensor, and Co-Founder of OpenBCI where he was lead hardware engineer from 2014 to 2018. Joels consulting company, Flywheel Lab, engages with clients who have creative technology needs, and they are currently supporting the Tympan project, an open-source hearing aid development platform which is supported by funding from the NIH and NIDCD.

Expertise: Electronics Engineering, Firmware Development, Creative Problem Solving, Open Source Hardware, Design For Manufacturing

Languages: English

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Affiliations: Self Employed Entrepreneur. Co-Founder of World Famous Electronics, maker of the Pulse Sensor, Co-Founder of OpenBCI, Owner of Flywheel Lab consulting.

Social: @biomurph, Personal Website

Martin Jäger

Originally, Martin studied mechanical engineering, did a PhD in the field of electric vehicle thermal management and worked for approx. 9 years in automotive battery development. Since beginning of 2019 he's working full-time on the Libre Solar Open Hardware project.

Expertise: Mechanical design, thermal management, lithium-ion batteries, power electronics hardware, embedded C/C++

Languages: German, English, a bit of Spanish

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Affiliation: Open Hardware Architect at Libre Solar

Social: @LibreSolar, Website

Rabimba Karanjai

Rabimba is a full time graduate researcher, part time hacker and FOSS enthusiast. He is working with Mozilla Research Mixed Reality team on WebVR. He also is a Mozilla TechSpeaker and Google Developer Expert on Web Technologies (WebXR). And would love to chat with you on VR,AR,Security and openweb over a cup of coffee or bottle of beer

Expertise: WebXR, Security, Large Scale data visualization

Languages: English, Bengali

Location: Houston, USA / Kolkata, India

Affiliation: Rice University

Social: @rabimba

Riccardo Iaconelli

Riccardo is interested in public policy, open source and physics

Expertise: Former civil servant at the Prime Minister Cabinet office, open source developer since high school, physicist for passion

Languages: English, Italian

Location: Berlin, Germany

Social: @ruphy

Shannon Dosemagen

Shannon is co-founder and executive director of Public Lab, an organizer of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware, and previous Chair of both the U.S. EPA National Advisory Council on Environmental Policy and Technology and the Citizen Science Association. Shannon has spent over 15 years working with environment and public health groups to address declining freshwater resources, coastal land loss and building monitoring programs with communities living adjacent to industrial facilities.

Expertise: environmental monitoring, community science, open hardware for environmental sensing, business development

Languages: English

Location: USA

Affiliation: Public Lab, GOSH

Social: @sdosemagen

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Wambui Karuga


Victor Wumbor-Apin Kumbol

Victor is a PhD at the Einstein Center for Neurosciences, Berlin researching neurodegenerative disorders. Beyond neuroscience, He is passionate about leveraging technology to impact society and has been working to promote open science hardware in Ghana through DIY Labware, a project to train scientists in Ghana to develop their own lab equipment. Victor is also a co-founder of Nsesa Foundation, a non-profit which runs innovation boot camps and online coding courses to promote STEM education across Africa.

Expertise: Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Project Management, Documentation

Languages: English

Location: Berlin, Germany

Affiliation: Einstein Center for Neurosciences, Berlin

Social: @v_kumbol

Wambui Karuga

71eaa6c463b974c4efedac15433734a4a947d067:docs/Program/ Wambui is an engineer by training and working as an embedded systems engineer.

Expertise: Open Source, Programming (C and Python), Git, Electrical Design and Prototyping

Languages: English, Swahili

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Social: @namespacewambui