👋 Welcome!!

We have put this training program together to support open hardware projects with a focus on open leadership, open source strategies, as well as practices and tools. By the end of this program we hope that you learn to design and build for projects that empower others to collaborate within inclusive communities. We also want to provide you with a foundational understanding of value proposition design and community building principles.

Timeline 📅

  • November 5, 2019: Opening call for applications
  • December 22, 2019: closing of applications midnight UTC
  • 2nd week of January: Successful applicants announced
  • February 2020: Start of the 14-week program
  • April 2020: Conclusion of the 14-week program

Program goals

Participants who complete the training will be able to:

Design your open hardware products

  • Formulate a solid value proposition for your open source project.
  • Build an open strategy for your specific situation.
  • Choose and apply open hardware, software, content and data licenses appropriately.

Build your product step by step

  • Validate your core hypothesis with concrete experiments and prototypes.
  • Translate design goals into requirements, success metrics and design considerations.
  • Learn to prioritize and apply agile development principles.

Lead an open hardware project

  • Consolidate a your core team.
  • Identify and describe multiple pathways for potential contributors.
  • Make your project findable and the data produced in it interoperable.
  • Setup project documentation using best practices for enabling collaboration.
  • Learn about governance models and business models for open hardware projects.
  • Include a broad range of contributors in their work.
  • Create and enforce a safe environment for participation.
  • Communicate their work and vision in a 2 min demo or elevator pitch.
  • Promote the values of openness and open leadership to empower others to lead and collaborate.
  • Embrace and communicate the benefits of openness and how to strategically apply different open practices to their work.