Week Call type Topic Rough Agenda
0 Preparation (online 1h) Learn the Basics + Self-assessment Learn about the building blocks we'll use during the program

Complete a self-assessment online
1 Mentor (30 min) Meet your mentor! Get to know each otherGo over participant's self-assessment

Project goals' discussion
2 Mentor (30 min) The landscape Avoiding a new wheel: review of similar projects

Open Canvas first draft and review
3 Mentor (30 min) Open by Design Personas & pathways: identifying your users

Canvas review II: identifying and testing your project hypothesis
4 Cohort (45 min) Peer review Present your Canvas to fellow participants & get feedback.
5 Mentor (30 min) Building for Open Planning activities and acquiring resources for your project

Planning Sprint participation

Canvas review III
6 Mentor (30 min) Participation & Inclusion Lowering barriers for contribution: Who is and who is not participating in your project?

Strategies towards building welcoming spaces online and offline
7 Mentor (30 min) Designing community Bringing value to your community.

Governance models

Planning communications and outreach
8 Cohort (45 min) Peer review Present your strategy to fellow participants & get feedback.
9 Mentor (30 min) Roadmapping Managing release cycles

Open hardware licenses
10 Mentor (30 min) Standards and data Make your project findable with OpenKnowHow

Implementing FAIR data
11 Mentor (30 min) Sprint preparation Prepare for the external world!

Issues, contribution guidelines and community guidelines review
12 Cohort (45 min) Global Sprint Attract contributors from diverse open hardware communities to your project
13 Mentor (30 min) Moving forward Feedback from sprint

Ideas for the future of the project
14 Public call Final Demos Celebrate and communicate your project to the world!